Nursing Homes

An Introduction

Aged Care Home Guide

There comes a point at which you or your family need assistance in managing your physical, health or living needs. Fortunately, there are a number of health care options to help you and family members determine what type of care is best for your individual needs.

Finding a Home That is Right for you

A nursing home is one of these options that can be looked at when independent living is no longer an option. This is looked at when the degree of care and amount of focused medical and safety attention you need exceeds what you or your family is capable of providing.

Nursing homes are an essential component of the current long term care system, potentially progressed into after options such as home care are no longer an option.

The Nursing Home Advantage

The core advantage to nursing home care is that you will have access to skilled care 24 hours / 7 days a week, which can be a critical factor in better health care outcomes for some people.

This care comes mainly from nursing, doctor and personal care support, as well as daily planning, activities and community engagement assistance.

With this level of support, twilight years can be both safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

How much does it cost to go into an aged care facility?

Means tested fees -
The fee structure for nursing homes varies. The means-tested care fee that you pay will be between $0 to $256.44 per day. This is an ongoing fee that covers the cost of your personal care and clinical care for things such as nursing support and medical care. Not all people have to pay this fee - the best way to get an understanding of this cost is through the means assessment.

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Basic daily fees

Assists in paying the costs of daily services provided i.e. laundry, meals, the running of the facility, in-house activities etc. All residents are expected to pay this fee.

This is paid directly to the nursing home - based on a period that the residential care facility will define. Fee structures are available in the link below

Department of Health website.

Accommodation fees

Nursing homes will set their own pricing for accommodation based on a number of factors that they will define e..g. location of nursing home and room quality/size. The amount you are expected to pay is determined by a means assessment.
The expectation is that if you have the financial capacity you will pay for your room. But government funding can cover some or all of the cost based on the outcome of your means assessment. The assessment process click the link below

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FAQs on Nursing Homes

will ensure that your health care is addressed so that the quality of your life improves. Allow yourself to be sad. But don't look at yourself as a failure. This is a natural progression for many senior people. If done right the outcome will be positive.

Be open-minded: By doing this you will discover that you are more than capable of dealing with the change and find yourself in a better long term situation that makes your life easier. You will find yourself in a new community, allowing you to develop new relationships, daily activities and interest.

Acknowledge and accept your feelings:
Time to adjust will always be required. But there is nothing gained from ignoring the challenges of transitioning from moving from one phase of life into another. If research is accessed and the right people are worked with the majority of people moving into homes tend to find, once done, that it was the right decision and lifestyle outcomes are improved drastically. You're not alone in this process

How to handle the process of moving into a nursing home? Many older people will, at some stage, require long term care support to improve their health care outcome. There is no shame in admitting that you need help. The end result is relief from the stress you have been putting yourself under.

Patience is key:
You and your family are going through a process of loss at some level. Independent living is no longer an option. But this does not make you weak or mean that you need to remove yourself from community engagement.

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